E-learning Services

Discover some questions that will allow you to start your learning experience for your virtual training project. 

What are your needs?

  1.  Do you know the connectivity of your final users?

  2. Is your project oganized by modules, units or phases?

  3. Do you have expert professionals in the area of knowledge that you want to virtualize?

  4. Does your organization have a platform to host your content?

  5. Do you need the content to be downloaded by the end user in pdf format?


Pedagogical Design

We intentionally construct learning situations.


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Customization of your Platform

We graphically adapt the LMS with your corporate brand.

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E-learning production

We develop the necessary content for your learning experience.


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Educational resources

We design and adapt educational resources to facilitate learning.


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Academic support

A team of professionals accompanies and guides you during your learning process.


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