About Us

The transformation and creation of educational content is the essence of Clickactiva

We transform and articulate the content for other areas of knowledge, to generate new online educational offers.

We work together with our clients to design innovative learning proposals and provide solutions to training, academic and work challenges that, today more than ever, require qualified human talent with new skills and abilities.


Team that accompanies the challenges of education

These are the experts in pedagogy, communication and technology who build innovative learning experiences. We work to offer new job opportunities and impact people's life quality.


Sonia Segura

Manager and Founder

Formed in Communication Sciences and virtual education. Teacher in undergraduate programs. Advisor for e-learning projects for Higher Education institutions. ICT Entrepreneur, E-learning Consultant and Producer.


Vanessa Pardo

E-learning graphic designer

Graphic designer with experience in the design of graphic pieces for educational environments and development of virtual Learning Objects.


Gloria Ortiz

Educational designer

Magister in Education, Specialist in Information Technology applied to education. Extensive experience as a pedagogical and instructional advisor for virtual education.


Marcela González

Style corrector

Social Communicator Journalist, Graduate in Modern Languages. Content editor and proofreader of journalistic, educational texts and publications in general (grammar, syntax and spelling).

Alfredo FINAL

Alfredo Huguett

E-learning engineer

Master in e-learning. Expert in the development of techno-pedagogical proposals for virtual learning environments.



Daniel Felipe Bautista

Audiovisual producer

Movie director. Extensive experience as a content producer for digital platforms and direction of large format productions.

Jeaneth FINAL

Jeanet Segura

Administrative Head

Publicist with experience in coordinating administrative and accounting processes.


Final Esperanza (1)

Esperanza Gamba

Production assistant

Publicist with experience in ATL and BTL agencies in the area of ​​strategic planning.


Mission of Clickactiva

Offer people permanent online training opportunities, to open up new work and personal opportunities that impact productivity rates and the quality of life of the participants.


Vision of Clickactiva

That Clickactiva be recognized for offering quality, relevant, scalable and sustainable virtual training to the different sectors of the economy, at a national and international level.

Values Click

  • Believing in dreams, in dreamers and in a world where everyone has access to better possibilities.
  • Customer orientation is our priority.
  • Flexibility, according to the conditions and needs of the client.
  • Work together, inspired by co-creation as an opportunity for collective construction.
  • Products with the minimum: Make them viable - simple and functional.
  • Communication as the axis of service and quality.