We design your virtual training process, with effective learning results in a real context.

With our methodology we develop comprehensive solutions, made to achieve your needs.


We ensure an effective student-centered learning.

With our collaborative approach, the design of learning tools and the support of experts, you will be able to solve problems in your work environment.


Co-creation allows us to add experiences and collectively create innovative training solutions.

Which is one click away from the user, available 24/7 made to meet your needs, at a low cost.


TIC Watchman

  • A different formation
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Virtual courses
  • Platform with your  own brand.

All in one place, tailored to your needs. Live the experience with Clickactiva!

We have the formula to lower the training costs of your guards. TIC Watchman is the solution.


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Educa Click 4.0

  • Your ally for e-learning production
  • Virtual learning objects
  • Educational resources
  • LMS with your institutional seal
  • SCORM standard

We not only communicate, we achieve it’s understanding.
With Educa click 4.0
we help you change from face-to-face classrooms to virtual classrooms.


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Environmental Click

  • Your environmental ally in waste management
  • It is the beginning to achieve Environmental Management in your company
  • You contribute to reducing the environmental impact
  • A comprehensive program
  • An effective solution with virtual content

We have the comprehensive solution for proper waste management in your company. Comply with regulations and avoid sanctions.


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Do not hesitate to ask us!

The world evolves. Virtual education grows exponentially.
Ongoing training is the best ally to face the challenges of change.